adobe files saved as chrome

I downloaded some envato elements templates but whenever i open them in after effects the files appear as chrome file types, but i think it’s because i opened the templates in chrome accidentally and they maybe converted as a chrome file.

But im not sure whats going on and why the files are chrome files, also whenver i download templates from the envato website and i export the files from the zip file theyre saved as a chrome file?

thats for premier mate

A MOGRT file is a premade motion graphic template for use in Adobe Premiere Pro

ye i know that mate but hows this helping me in anyway?

If you have the software already and as default, if the files are opening with Chrome, you just need to re-assign the files for the software again.

If you are using Windows, just go to the download folder, right click the file and choose “Open with” and “Choose another app” On the list, find the software and make sure you click “Always open this” section.

If you’re using MAC, I have no idea but there supposed to be some configuration place where you need to assing/change the default apps.

done this but for some stupid reason it wont import the files into after effects and whenever i try to it keeps giving me this message, in the attachment arrgh omg adobe is buggy.

ive tried reinstalling after effects but keep getting the same issue

ye basically the files were just adobe files originally but i opened one of the templates i downloaded from envato, in chrome by mistake and all the files for the templates are converted to chrome file. whenever download more templates from the site and export the files after donwloading from the site, theyre all chrome files.


Right hand click on the file, and choose Open With then search for your program on the computer.

To do this, go back to your original downloaded files.
.Mogrt files are files that contain a motion graphics template for use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

if you read what ive said above ive akready done this and the files that were a chrome file are now converted to a adobe files, but whenever ii import the files it wont do it and i keep getting the message in the image.

this is what the files look like now after they were converted from chrome file