Trouble with the templates on Premiere pro23.1

I’m having trouble with the templates that I download.

I already contacted Adobe support and they told me that the problem is a template of Envato. So I’m right now searching for help ASAP I’m stuck on this for months. And needed to stop the monthly payment because of this. My premiere pro version is Premiere pro version 23,1 and After Effects 21,1 these are both the latest version. That should normally need to work.

I hope to get some answers on this and some help.

Thank you.

premiere pro

First try updating after effects & import the mogrt in premiere pro. If premiere pro is not importing your mogrt, just open the template in after effects.

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Hey Santos

Thanks for the reply I’ll try to do that tomorrow and I’ll contact you If It worked or not :wink:

Hey Santo

I tried doing it and It did not work out do you got any other Ideas? Or can I add you on discord? So we both can take a look and add it? WOJAK#5986

I am waiting for your reply.

Thank you