VideoHive: March marketing campaign nominations

We’re running a marketing campaign for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon and VideoHive items in March!

Unlike previous campaigns, this campaign will have no limit as to the number of items we will feature on our landing page, meaning it’s a great chance for more authors to take part. We want to open this campaign up to as many authors and items as possible (who meet our promotional criteria, of course). So why not join in and be a part of the sale?

Note: As always, nomination is no guarantee of being included on our landing page. We’ll be carefully inspecting the nominated files to make sure we put our best foot forward for customers, and that all items involved meet our promotional criteria.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is the campaign and what are we looking for?

For this campaign we’re wanting to feature selected items that are at a discount of 40% from their normal sale price. We find that the best results are experienced by authors who put forward their best items.

Please Note: By nominating for this promotion, you are choosing to set your price to 40% of its Original Price, for the specified 7 day period. The included buyer fee will not change.

There will be a second aspect to this campaign where we will feature a range of top selling ThemeForest items for the final 48 hours. We believe that this extra offering, and the promotional push that will accompany it, will increase traffic to the campaign landing page and benefit all authors.

The campaign will be live between Thursday March 8 and Thursday March 15 (2pm - 2pm AEDT).

Please read and follow the requirements below carefully, otherwise your items may not be eligible for participation:

IMPORTANT: You must be the author of the item you’re submitting

:white_check_mark: What we’re looking for

  • Items that are high quality, presented well, and up-to-date
  • Items that have a minimum 15+ sales
  • Items that have been actively selling in the past 6 months
  • Items that have been well-received by customers
  • To help us be sure that the discount is off your normal sale price, the nominated item must be listed at a consistent price for the 30 days leading up to the promotion period.

:x: What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Items that are old and not on-trend
  • Items that have not been kept updated.

How do I take part?

Make sure you have read and understood our requirements above.

  1. Please also read our FAQs and terms - you can also use the FAQ thread to ask us any other questions you may have. We will continue to update and maintain those questions on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

  2. Remember - you MUST be the author of any items you nominate.

What happens after I nominate my item(s)?

  • If your item(s) are selected, we will contact you via the email address you provided.
  • We will provide information about how and when your item price will be changed. See our FAQ page for full details.
  • Selected items will be promoted through our marketing channels from Thursday the 8th - Thursday 15th March (2pm - 2pm AEDT).

Timeline of events

  • February 13th: We launched the nomination process (you’re reading it right now!)
  • March 1st: Item nominations close.
  • March 2nd: We will inform the authors of selected items and will provide more details via email.
  • March 8th: Campaign commences.
  • March 15th: Campaign closes.

We’re looking forward to seeing all your nominations and helping you to promote your incredible items! We’ll also be sharing important/additional updates and announcements in the thread below, but if you have specific questions, please check the FAQs and post a new question if it has not already been answered.

Thank you so much again and good luck!


What’s the advantage for an author except advertising his/her work, if fees are the same? Can’t we just lower the price? Then 40% discount is meaningless.


Thanks folks. We’ve now closed our nominations.

We’ll be letting our selected authors know via email very shortly.