Monthly Rollup | January 2018

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Check out some of the cool things we’re working on at Envato HQ and read all the latest news, announcements and updates from this past month!

The Monthly Rollup

  • CodeCanyon Trusted Updates
Back in 2016, we introduced changes to help improve the author experience while reducing wait times for item updates. The automatic approval of item updates was made available to trusted authors on ThemeForest. Now, we have made the same system available for trusted CodeCanyon authors. Approved authors will be able to update their existing items without the need for review. Read more here.

  • Saved Searches Alert Feature
The Saved Searches plugin sends you a daily private message with links to any forum posts containing search terms that you have saved. Use it to track mentions of your main items, helping you to discover potential customer conversations without having to read through every thread on the forums. Check out how it can help you and read more here.

  • ThemeForest Search Results Testing and Redesign
Following the redesign of the PhotoDune search results, we've turned our attention to ThemeForest. You may have noticed we recently tested different images on the search results for ThemeForest. This was to help determine the best image to use to increase conversion and thus sales for authors.

Over the next few weeks, we have a few more tests planned for the search results page of ThemeForest. We will be taking the learnings from these tests to help us redesign how items are displayed in the search results.

These tests are based on a number of factors, including existing usage behaviors, customer interviews & surveys and author interviews & surveys. We are also making changes to the upload/edit form and will be requesting additional information about your item we can use on the search results, to give you a chance to market your item better. Stay tuned for more!

  • Market Author Newsletter
We have re-launched our market newsletter designed especially for authors. The purpose of this newsletter is to support, grow and inspire your work. Here, share the latest news, announcements articles, and business development resources from our dedicated author blog, the Author Hub. Sign up to receive the newsletter here.

  • UX Research
Our UX team are currently doing some research on customer behaviors and patterns. This specifically looks at:

  • Who are our customers that buy After Effects and video assets and what are some of their different motivations and desires depending on their skill level?
  • What are ThemeForest mobile customers trying to accomplish by using the mobile site?
  • How do our customers search for videos today?
  • What do customers think of WordPress in Elements?
  • What does the day in the life of a successful theme and code author look like?

Stay tuned next month for more information on the results!

  • Affiliates February Frenzy Competition
This month would a great time to start referring as we are running an affiliate competition (open to affiliate authors and non-affiliate authors) with a total prize fund of $15,000. As an author, you can earn an additional 30% on every 1st purchase or deposit you refer via our affiliate program. Read more information and register here.

If you need a reminder on how to generate an affiliate link on Envato Market, make sure to check out this video.

  • Author Help Center Survey
Following the redesign of our Help Center, we want to continue improving the experience and would love to know your thoughts on how we can best do this. Help us improve the Help Center and contribute your feedback on our survey here.

If you have any questions or want to continue the conversation, let us know below!