New PhotoDune Search Results page

We’re very excited to announce a redesigned search and browse experience for PhotoDune.

Check out sample searches:

We wanted to make it easier to:

  • see photos, so we made our thumbnails larger
  • find photos, so we streamlined our filters and created a new way to see similar images
  • buy photos, so we added an expanded view allowing users to buy from the search results

Please note there are no changes to the search algorithm in this release.


@trent-aus Any chance, we can get the Filters section for Themeforest? its much better than the current one.

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Thanks! While I can’t promise anything, depending how the filters perform on PhotoDune we are planning to also test these on ThemeForest.


I don’t use Photodune that much, but this looks really great! Design looks pretty refined and will hopefully attract new groups of customers to Photodune. Claps to the team! :slight_smile:

Is there any chance to update its homepage as well? The new design is much more adequate for its purpose. Would love to see similar improvements to the other markets, although each market has its own needs so this need to be given good thought and research, but I think the search bar and filters could be incorporated with a positive affect.

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