Mix and composition feedback


I’m looking for whatever mix/composition feedback anyone has to offer. at this point I’m thinking that the bass line may be considered too repetitive by audiojungle’s standards but I also kind of feel that it needs some kind of monotony. I also realize that the track is rather long, it was originaly intended for a youtube video but I’m gradually becoming more and more pleased with how it’s turning out so I decided to try my luck on audiojungle. I’m working on a better title.


If you maybe want it in the 80’s category, that’s the only thing that can save it.

God thing it will not disturb a clip, its kind of neutral in it self.

I think the track has a nice vibe but I think it will be rejected as it is cut for now. As you said the song is way too long and too repetetive but it would be easy to fix that!
Good luck!

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thanks mate, wasn’t really aiming for an 80’s sound but I’ll consider that option

thanks, I intend to cut a shorter version and maybe and some new instruments and varying chords.