Feedback before upload please


Hello guys,

I slack very long with envato and after one year I want to upload few songs in this month.
Please listen this track and feel free to suggest, criticism and praise it about everything that could be cause potential reject or where need to be improved.



The biggest issue to me is the beat at 1:34. You have a very laid back, asian new-age style thing going on, and the sudden energy is really disorienting and a complete change in style. All the energetic synth work that comes in after that is also a big no-no to me.

Besides that, the production could use some work - I’m not sure if it’s good enough to pass or not. You have hi-hats panning left and right which is a bit distracting, and have a bit too much high end for my taste (might cut through the mix of a video too much). The synth pads could use a bit more internal movement and richness to their sound, I think.

The really tricky thing that bothers me though, is the rhythm across the whole track. The string phrases don’t seem to be quite in time to the beat. Considering the “ethic” style and what not, not sure if they’ll be OK with that or not.


Till 1:35 I think the mood/vibe is ok and nice. After that the beat changes it too much. Just keep going like the first part and maybe add a different element. The string could use a 0,5 db more, but not the high end (already to sharp). Just my thoughts. Good luck!


Thanks guys for your feedback and draw attention to possible errors. In the meantime I done one new version of song w/o drum&bass part, and cut some high freq.
Check this one:



The song is great! I love it! As I see it: you have two versions of the song in one composition. Lets say someone wants to buy a cool chill background track for their spa and get this track - imagine the relaxation they get when the drum&bass part begins :slight_smile:

My only advice would be: make different versions for this track:

1)Chillout - Ambient version
2) Drum&Bass version
and maybe 3) no percussions at all version .

Best of luck with this!


Thanks a lot mate, check this one


Awesome job @cubaudio , that erhu is great !


Thanks mate!