Please help me out with some feedback on this rejected track

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to this platform and I hope the more experienced audiojungle people want to help me out with some pointers why this track got rejected.

Is it the arrangement, mix quality, is the mix too sparse? or all 3?
If you could give me some feedback, it would help me out a lot!

Cheers people!

I Guess the track is bad overall?

All the best,


I think the main issue is that it sounds a bit outdated. This is obviously what you were going for since your title is coherent with that. But it’s a bit too much. The typical 80/90s hits at 0:17 and other places are too outdated and disruptive. Usually AJ does not like disruption.

Mix sounds good to me, I don’t have any issues with it.

Love the vocoded synth part!

He PurpleFog,

Thanks for the reply and the feedback on the track! It’s much appreciated. Good to hear that it’s not so much the music on it’s own but more the sound I was going for. That was apparently a wrong decision haha. It’s not a sound I normally produce but I actualy really liked using the older synths and trying to create a funky type track. Guess I should have incorporated more modern sounds in there also to keep it fresher. Hopefully the drum and bass track I’m exporting right now will be more appreciated by AJ.

Thanks again for the usefull information!

All the best,

Ps Really like your portfolio, wide range of different stuff! and a lot! :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, using vintage synth from that era is actually trendy and on demand, but it has to sound “nostalgic” rather than outdated, if that subtle nuance makes sense.

Anyway, it’s always positive if you had fun making it. Hopefully your next track will have better luck!

And thanks for your nice words! :slight_smile:

All the best

Another reason may be the chords you chose. Not sure what motivated you to go for these four chords (in particular the third one), but it does not seem to be a good representation of 80s funk. The agressive synth sound makes it hard to identify though. Sounds overly dissonant.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I think I’m going to rework this to make it way more modern. I will also have a look at that 3rd chord!
Honestly Widekeys I just liked the sound of it, But you’re right it may not really be 80s funk. Then again the 303/vocoded like synth (just a juno 60 patch I think not really a vocoded sound although it indeed sounds sort of vocoded) is also not really 80s I guess. But good to check out!

Do you guys have any experience with reworking a track so much you can upload it again?

Again thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated!

Also really like your orchestral stuff Widekeys! Would think you would have way more sales!


Ps. thankfully I had a approved track today also! And uploaded a drum and bass one which I think will get a green light also. But you never know!