minimum payout threshold

Guys I’m really confused, I literally had a payment last month of 26$ now this month it says I don’t meet the minimum payment with 20$ ready to pay and this is via paypal. I am being messed about and I don’t appreciate it at all. In my email it says the minimum threshold is $50. When my last two payments were at lot less than that. Stop messing me about Envato, and pay me my earnings!

The minimum threshold is $50. If you have a balance that’s not met the threshold for an extended period, they sometimes send it out earlier. Getting paid early isn’t really messing you about, especially seeing as they’re not obliged to send it until it reaches $50.

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Well that is good to know now I’d just like an explanation as to why the minimum threshold is 50? Other companies pay me a minimum of far less than that so I find it unreasonably high. Literally the fees for paypal for a 50 payment are far far far less than the commision these guys earn. I’m not buying it.

You’re not buying what?

“I’m not buying it” meaning I hear what you say, but I don’t agree with the way things are being done here, I’m a very valuable man, and this company in particular does not appreciate me for what I’m worth. While I’m being honest here. I earn a comfortable salary everywhere but here. So I do feel upset with this particular company.

The author agreement has explicitly set $50 as the minimum payout threshold since around March 2009, with the official stance being that they would make an exception if the balance does not exceed $50 in one year.

Not too long ago, the minimum payout was changed to be based on the payout method (but still at least $50).

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

At least you can still retain a sense of humour in the face of a procedure you don’t like. Good on you :+1:

I started out humbly enough okay but I actually pay a lotta tax now so thou will respect my mini tantrum

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And yes I’m very funny.

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