Your payout was rejected? I Did not request a payment!

Hello, I’m not requesting a payout!!

Why do I keep getting this? I know about the $50 threshold!
I have not requested a payout!

Please advise!
Thank you and have a great day and happy holidays!

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Hi. Now it’s automatic every month, no matter if you asked for payout or not.
Good luck!

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At 45¢ per sale, it might take you a while to get a payout…


Thank you!
Being new here and trying to get familiar with everything so I can be a better Author!
I appreciate the response!! Have a great day and happy holidays!

Im not worrying about the money! That will come!
I just started and only have 3 tracks up and I haven’t been able to get anything else approved!
We all start from some where and in the beginning its always a process!
I’m sure in time we will improve and also have pricing up as well, Hope you have a great day and happy holidays!

I can’t advise you on what price you should put on your music as that is a decision that only authors can make for themselves, but this attitude of “I don’t care about the money, I just want to make sales” is driving the value of the market into the ground, since serious authors here who actually do want to make some money, and in many cases, actually do this for a living are being forced to compete at these unfeasible pricing levels. There are other websites available if you want to give your music away.


Wow! Your attitudes on here are too negative!
The first thing is this!!
!. I’m new here so instead of jumping down on my tale why don’t you advise me to adjust the price!

  1. I’m new here!!
    I never said in this forum/post “I just want to make a Sale” Never so stop putting words into my mouth
    I’m not here to just make sales!!

  2. I’m new here just in case your negative attitude didn’t understand me!!

By saying I don’t care about the money, was basically trying to imply that I’m more focused on being a better author/ producer and learning to do this full time!

I run a very successful eBay and amazon business and been working from home full time for several years now and taught several others to do the same!
If you focus on money then it will blind you from learning!
The money will come!

I’m not here to just make sales!
I was advised to price my items this way at the beginning of getting started to build my catalog.
If it’s not correct then advise me a better starting point to price my track!!
Go listen to my track and see what value you think they should be or price!
Being new here I have no clue what a good starting price should be!
I don’t know you from a hole in the wall and you don’t know me to be putting words in my mouth thinking I’m just here to get sales!

So either back off with your negativity and go work on some music or conduct yourself with positivity and provide me with some good advice!

Have a great day!

P.S Great profile and music!

Sorry, that’s wasn’t my intention. I’m just trying to get my point across to you that all kinds of price dumping, whether you’re a new author or not, hits everyone in the pocket. The tracks that you have on your portfolio are decent. Why do you think they are worth less than tracks by more seasoned authors? They all go through the same review process.

I’m not criticizing your business acumen, and I get that you are just trying things out at the moment, but you are hoping to make some money at some point. If the scourge of price dumping at Audio Jungle continues to grow as it is currently, there will be hardly any money there for you to make when you decide that the time has come. That’s probably a bit of an extreme scenario, but you gotta see my point here.

I apologise that my post came across a bit abrupt. It wasn’t my intention to rub you up the wrong way. I’m not being negative, I’m just being pragmatic about an attitude that is negatively affecting the platform which forms a part of my livelihood.

I’m not allowed to tell you what price you should set your items. Envato directly forbids that I’m afraid. I would just say, have pride in your work. Envato have a pretty strict review process. If your tracks have made the grade, then there is value in your music.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I see where you coming from and trust me this is not my intention to sell my music short!
Like I said before I was advised to price them like this due to the pandemic times and because I’m new to the platform to make them affordable, It has nothing to do with hitting any Author’s pockets or price dumping! At the end of the day if you have good music people will purchase regardless, I’m not here to affect anyone else, I’m just here to get things going and to be a better contributor to audio jungle!

So being pragmatic about an attitude that is negatively affecting the platform towards a new author that is not aware, is just pointless especially when I stated several times I’m new here and also learning and was also advised to price them this way!

I have 3 tracks up and I had submitted several tracks in a similar format and they all got rejected but approved on other platforms!
So coming at me with this energy is just wrong despite how you feel about so call price dumping!
I could see if I had a catalog like yours and similar music to compete and been here just as long as you, then I could understand your gripe better! However, I have 3 tracks up!! Like OMG really!!!

In the future, I will take more time in seeing my price point and hopefully pricing them higher Meanwhile, I’m done spending this energy here back to making music!

Have a great day!

Yes, you’re right. I could have been kinder in giving my 2¢, I apologise for that and my sarky first comment. I can be an obnoxious SOB at times (Some might say, often). Underneath my arrogant and unnecessary berating there is a real issue that is affecting many authors here at the moment.

I know that you’re right, that on the whole there will always be customers who will pay a higher price for the right music, but when the $5 pool of available tracks grows to the point where it pretty much covers all bases, in terms of both quality and range, the only real winner is Envato, who take between 83 and 90 percent of the proceeds, while us authors look around in dismay at the jagged stumps that was the AudioJungle. I know this is a false doomsday prediction, but it feels like that is the direction that we’re heading at the moment, and all of us authors have a responsibility to keep the market place as healthy as possible, not just the top selling elites.

It’s unfortunate that Envato operates in a way that “awards” low pricing by putting so much competition emphasis on sales numbers rather than the actual important competitive figure, revenue. I think that it is important to try and resist the urge to compete in this bizarre price war as best we can.

Sorry again for all the ranting, doom and gloom and the unasked-for lecture, especially when you were clear that you didn’t want to continue the conversation.

I want you to know that I’m not aiming all this squarely at you, but to anyone who might read this who has a growing $5 portfolio, for whatever reason. There are so many other forces hacking and slashing at the value of digital creative goods at the moment, it’s just really sad to witness this author driven one is all.

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those emails feel like a slap to the face don’t they ? lol

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