Minimum 120+ items rejected in the last one year

Minimum 120+ items rejected in the last one year.
Can’t find a way, what can be done? how to improve my design quality ? how to become an successful author ?

It’s hard to advise without seeing rejections BUT 120 in a year is 3 days a design non stop…

Sounds to me like that’s not very long to produce premium quality design work and you will have had to be jumping from one design to another rather than taking feedback or renting onboard and sticking with it - rushing is error number 1 and you will never learn this way.

I agree with @charlie4282, that’s too many items in that amount of time, a single item should take at least a few days.

Not that it’s necessarily the best way to do things, but for me I usually spend at least a month or more, working on and off on a single item. I also have a few work in progress items that I started 3 years ago.

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hi learn and work a lot , make the most of what u are told to make that u do not do the same mistake from one time to the other, focus on quality , take your item but create things that they have no other choice but accept indeed