Rejection Rejection and Rejection!

I have about 15 years of graphic designer and 5 years of lecturer about graphics. I know how to design a design from design principles to the requirements of the industry. All my recent work is rejected. I want to know exactly what the problem is. I do not believe the problem is the quality of my designs. Everybody who says that my designs are good quality when you examine the designs in the same category. Is there a problem or something I do not know about my account or my person? I expect a satisfactory answer. Thanks

Without seeing examples of what you submitted it’s difficult to comment properly, but Envato don’t single out people or individual accounts

here my last rejected design.

From a technical perspective, it looks quite good to me. Personally, I would space features out a bit more and I am not a big fan of the font choices but I get that’s personal perspective.

It does come across as a little confused and crowded - I get it’s a portfolio and that it’s demonstrating different categories but each section feels a bit like an entirely new style of design and may benefit from more consistency or even just simplifying things and break it up into more extensive micro versions or items for each individual type of work.

Graphicriver as a whole is becoming more crowded than most marketplaces and everyone needs to avoid giving a reviewer a reason to reject items

thank you for your advices. I saw it now more clearly that it needs some simplicity and consistency