Migrated website to another Hosting site. Needing product code #

My Client purchase a Website rights from a hosting company. We migrated it to another hosting company but unable to make edits since theme has to be updated. Is there a way to get the purchase code?

The purchase code would only ever have been available to the purchasing account (in this case the company that your client purchased the rights from).

You will have to buy a new license/copy (better that the client does it and not you to prevent this situation happening again).

Bear in mind that any customisation to the main theme files will not be present in a new copy.

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Good Afternoon. It looks like he is not going to share that with us/me. He’s from the UK and we’ve been struggling getting anything from him.
He purchased the ThemeGoods Constructor | Construction WordPress.
My clients site is https://renodry.us/.

We need to have the theme work on php 8.x so if we can purchase that theme and just update it?
your Thoughts?

In theory yes, but it really depends on what changes etc were made to the theme and how.

If there was customisation made to the main theme files or stylesheets directly then these won’t work/apply when you update the new theme copy

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Afternoon Charlie, I was able to get the information on the theme that my client purchased.
I want to update the account. I believe the theme needs to be updated.

I was also wanting to see if updating the account/theme would you know what will be affected when the update takes place.

Item ID: 11460596
Item Purchase Code: (removed for privacy)
Purchase Date: 2018-05-29 19:56:38 UTC

So a few things -

  1. The download of the theme will only ever be available to the original buyer

  2. You could use the purchase code to activate downloads et.c via the envato plugin but this is not an ideal solution esp iof the person who bought it was using the theme illegally and for multiple clients

  3. There’s no way to know what customisations have been made or what the update (eps. if it’s several versions) will do to the site

  4. You and your client would be FAR FAR FAR better off buying a new copy of their (not yours) own where they get easy access to downloads and 6 months support

  5. Either way you need to make sure you have correctly backed up what they have in case it breaks

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Okay. I came in on this client in the middle of the year. The previous developer purchased the theme for my client’s website. However, the developer didn’t renew the theme.
(Please note: The previous developer is in the UK. I took over the account and moved it to a US site to make it easier for my client to be able to discuss with me to make changes easier.)

The previous developer said he created an account and then purchased it for my client’s website.
I was going to go ahead and purchase the theme myself, per your suggestion.

RE: 4. “You and your client would be FAR FAR FAR better off buying a new copy of their (not yours) own where they get easy access to downloads and 6 months of support.”

  1. Can I purchase the theme under my account? ( I have my own account with your company for my website)

  2. Do I need to create a new account with my client information and then purchase and download the theme?
    a. I need to be able to make edits to my client’s website.

  3. After your suggestion, do I need to enter any of the following information (below)? or how would I update my client’s website?

Thank you

Rob Garza.

It’s better you open an account for your client - that way if you part ways then they still have access to the item they are paying for and do not end up in the same position they are in now.

You can get the necessary files/purchase codes etc. from there and use those to update the site plus this way the client get 6 months support from the author which could come in handy if it has not been updated in a while.

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Happy New Year

I am trying to purchase the theme and my credit card is not being accepted.
I have called my credit card company and they do not show a purchase and/or security risk when I’m making them purchase. Is there something on your end that is prevention me from making a purchase?