Karma theme and don't know purchase code

I have a complicated situation because I am redesigning a website that is using Karma theme and I need a higher version of JQuery for one of the plugins I am using but I cannot contact Karma support because I don’t have the purchase code. The owner of the website doesn’t know anything about it and we cannot get hold of the first developer of the website. I hope Karma support get in touch with me to solve this problem.


Unfortunately without some kind of evidence of purchase it’s unlikely that the author will be able to give out updates or copies of the item for obvious reasons.

I’d suggest you/client buying a new license/copy of the theme so that you have proper access going forward

Can’t find a purchase code? Please follow this instruction: Where Is My Purchase Code?

That link will only work once a copy of the theme has been purchased.

@aa_azadeh81 I strongly advise that your client buys a copy/license and not you so that they don’t end up in this situation again in the future and have full access to all the files, updates and support.

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Of course the theme has been purchased and is running on our website but we don’t have the account information, isn’t it possible for you to confirm our purchase by checking our website?


I needed to contact the Karma’s support to request an update to the JQuery so is the latest version of your theme using the latest version of JQuery?

Unfortunately the theme can’t be checked simply by looking at a website or without either the purchase code/license or you being logged into the buyer account.

As per your first post neither you nor the client have actually purchased the theme, or have a license to be using it.

If the original developer did not properly transfer the license or provide the purchase code then there is little that you will be able to. Your best option is to have the client buy their own copy for you to work on and update the theme with, especially as update downloads are only available via the purchase account.

With respect I am sure you can understand why an auhtor is unlikely to give out updated versions of themes or support without being able validate it.