Michelie Theme - Ego Themes - How do you contact or Get help for Non Functioning Elements

Theme Not functioning as advertised.
Not altered code however the side banner tag filters do not function.
I have a few tweaks I’d like performed ( paid job) however I cant contact or get support.
Super frustrating after designing around this theme for weeks!
Any ideas on how I get in touch??? ( they require a licence on the website and Envato doesn’t give a licence) so Im stuck being unable to contact them to seek assistance.

they require a licence on the website and Envato doesn’t give a licence

If you got the theme from Envato Elements, the support is not included, you need to purchase the license from ThemeForest.

You can always contact the author via the comments section, but again, if you didn’t buy the license, the author does not have to help you:

There is no comment section… and I do NOT have any opportunity to buy any license- just totally left high and dry!

The author seems to be willing to look at helping people who download the theme from elements (despite this being outside of scope and not a requirement of them).

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I’ve literally sent you a link to the comments section.

Good luck i have had my site almost a year and get told that cant get updates added through support get sold add on that never works and stalked by a physco, Then I get lied to today again pay someone to do all upgrade and nothing is done old damn script with l=all the bullshit

and get told that cant get updates

If you bought the item from the ThemeForest, you can download the latest update form your account / Downloads. You do not need to ask anyone to provide you with the update.

However, if you got the item form Elements, then right, updates are not available if you are not subscribed anymore, that’s part of the deal.

I bought the wowonder social script from evato codecanyon and it says right there updates are included in the support over 6 months nothing i bought the love add on for oneder ten months ago turns out hasn’t worked in two years they never took it down still have not given me credit

If you bought WoWonder on Codecanyon then go to your downloads (www.codecanyon.net/downloads assuming you are logged in) and download the item again which will give you the most up-to-date version.

The other add-on has not been updated since 2019 so probably has compatibility issues. If the author has not been responding effectively then you need to email Envato who will look at it and can handle a refund if appropriate.

FYI reversing payments will lead to your entire acocunt being disabled until resolved so it is one to avoid if possible.

that is what i did this morning but the update then looks like it is from the 80s i hate it and you can’t change the color of the site with pout using the css and hell i don’t know how to do that. So i am going to just use it till i can find something better