Disappointed with Envato elements

This weekend I was browsing for a wordpress theme for my portfolio, I found the Mikael theme which I liked, and even found out this theme was on sale, which got me excited. Upon further inspection of the theme information, I saw an Envato elements advert on the side suggesting this theme was also part of the Envato elements package. After doing more research into Envato elements I decided to purchase a subscription, so in addition to the Mikael theme I could also have access to handy elements. However, the access to the theme was a dealbreaker for me.

Upon installing the Mikael theme, I found out I can’t edit the page without activation the theme with a code from the author. As can be seen in the attachment the page stays white, and it suggests me to activate the account. However, no activation codes are provided, rendering this product unusable for all Envato element users. I’m extremely disappointed, as I want this theme for my portfolio, and I need it on a short term basis. Now I’m feeling forced to make a double payment, of having paid for Envato elements, and for the theme itself If I want it from Themeforest. As cherry on top, the item isn’t even on sale anymore.

Long story short, I am extremely dissatisfied.

Relating Mikael theme overall it doesn’t seems like that much bad and overall it seems to be working. As you have purchased their subscription so far it seems good.

In order to have theme as working 100% you must have to enter your correct activation code. Please check out your theme’s zip file. The activation / license key must have been provided to you by author.

Did that theme author asked you for a double payment ? The basic license must have worked as soon as you have got the license as added into the system.

Still if it’s not working then please get in touch with your theme author support. If in case they don’t offer you support then you may file a complaint against their behavior at envato support.

Thank you

I think I have a similar problem. There seems to be unremovable components to the ‘Business Plan Minimal Style’ template. I am looking for a place to ask my questions and get support, but there is no way of contacting them. I am hoping that a post here will help.

Does anyone either know how to remove what looks to be a footer (but isn’t) on a template OR do you have an email or phone to contact Envato? If the problem doesn’t get fixed I will take further action…