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Hi community, i’m new here.
I have an Envato Elements monthly plan, i download a magento template 'MyShop" by Etheme. I successfull install it, but i have to activate it with a purchase code.
Envato Elements don’t give it. I contact support with no answer, and dev on Facebook with no answer too…
Does someone can help me ?




Sorry for the delayed reply. Element items should not have any activation codes. We will contact the author to make sure they are aware of this.



Hi, thanks for answer. Dev send me a trick to bypass activation. It’s okay.


Hi KingDog I came here to say the same thing,. La_Studio formerly known as wpelite has a wpelite.ticksy.com where they ask for an envato purchase code. I have had some issues with many of the themes on elements not being the easiest to manage and documentation not being the best… so I ran into some major problems with on theme and really need help.



Hello Mary,

While themes on Elements come with basic setup and installation instructions if you find you’re in need of some deeper customization I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.



hi . thanks for that… did you let wpelite/ la-studio know though? I would prefer going to them directly.

thank you.


Due to the subscription format and reduced pricing, products on Elements are sold as is and therefore don’t come with Author support. If you like, you can certainly purchase the theme license from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.


Hi. As you can see the OP was aksing you the same . thing. and you told him the opposite of what you told me.

so what you are saying is… I have already paid $229 for the year, but now, I MUST BUY THE THEME in order to get support for it???"? how does this make any sense?

This hardly makes the price worth it if you allowing the authors to sell defective or out of date products and then NOT offer any support, unless i pay or buy the theme outright. I am not sure I understand how this is worth it.

Do you see how this is frustrating and that you are contradicting youself?


Sorry for the confusion. The OP was asking about the theme asking for an activation code that was not needed to use the theme. You’re asking about the author’s own support forums asking for an activating code to receive support from the author.


I am having the same issue with WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin… it is asking for an “activation code”?


If you purchase any wordpress theme from themeforest then you do not need to add purchase code for that wordpress theme plugins.
Need only one purchase code for WordPress activation.

You can follow this article for your help