Lowering rating intentionally.

In this topic I’d like someone from Envato team give reasonable reply.

I have a theme, where I put all my efforts to keep 5.00 star rating. Doing for customers even customization for FREE, to stay under best rating filter.

In 2016 March user bought a theme and gave 4 star rating, without a chance to reply him or ask whatever may I do for him to get 5 star instead 4.

It would be ok, unless I noticed that the user is fake.

  1. His registration time, purchase date, and review date is the same. How could him review, if he didn’t have a time to check theme at all??

  2. Almost any real user is possible to find on the google with that username, but this one is not found anywhere.

I’m more than sure this is done by one of competitor authors who wanted us to vanish from best rated filter.

I emailed to support, and response was that Envato can’t do with this anything.

So from this mean that any compete author who’s item appear under “best rated” filter can open fake account, purchase compete item and put 4 star rating?

There is no logic with it. Authors who battle for best rating item put their best efforts to stay on under best rated and another competitor with fake account put 4 star rating to take his place. Is it fair?

If it was a competitor looking to lower your rating why would they leave you a four star review? Wouldn’t they leave a three, a two, or preferably… a one?


wouldn’t smart delinquent think the same way? give 4 so nobody thinks I’m competitor? :slight_smile:

in any case, it would be hard to find out the truth, maybe logs would shed some light but its like looking for a needle.

Paying out your own hard earned cash to leave a good rating for a competitor? At the same time increasing their sales count and providing them with more money? I don’t think they’ve thought their strategy through very well!

Although, if all my competitors want to buy a bunch of my items and rate them four stars, then they’re more than welcome to!

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makes sense.

but why is OP so stressed about it than? it seems he lost some important ranking because of that 4 star?!

My humble opinion, did you check the statement? See what his information is? Maybe he’s actually real

my 2 cents as an author

SpaceStockFootage, Because 4 rating is not bad, it is considered as good, and you can’t say him anything because good if not excellent but good.

But 4 is enough you go down. Because if you 4.99 with 100 ratings, but someone 5.00 with 20 ratings, would be up on best rating filter.

Statement? Yes it was fake too, no such address

I know we all make items that are 100% perfect, but isn’t it possible, no matter how crazy the idea my be… that somebody bought your item and thought to themselves… “this is pretty impressive. I’ve used slightly better items though, so I’m going to give it four stars rather than five.”

The fake address could be due to privacy concerns. Signing up, buying and rating on the same day isn’t that crazy. Buyers have to sign up at some point, and they’re more likely to do so once they’ve found a suitable item. And rating on the same day… it doesn’t take too long to download, install and then have a play around.

And if the guy left a four as he was worried about a one star rating being removed… he’s obviously never visited the forums! What about TripAdvisor, Amazon etc… by the same reasoning, doesn’t that mean that every five star rating is accurate, every four or less is a competitor? That would mean that every place in the world is actually five stars if all the other scores are fake? What about other items with less than five stars on Envato? Should they actually be a five?

That all being said, isn’t it more likely that somebody just felt that your item deserved four stars?