Author buying his own items (Self-purchasing, fake rating stars)

Somebody is cheating the envato system with self-purchasing and fake rating, in all envato marketplaces it’s very difficult to get rating from customers

A recent item on PowerPoint category (link removed) already has 3 rating star in less 7 sales This is IMPOSIBLE!!!

Why envato allow this to happen?


Self purchasing is NOT allowed on Envato Market. Its difficult for the system to track each sale is a self purchase or not.
But if you report the issue to Envato Support, they will investigate it and take necessary actions against the user.

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I think you do not need to take care too much about that.
Sometime you create new products and you send to old customers or your friends to let them know about it.
That’s possible to only 3 sales for 3 voting


Thanks for the heads up - our fraud team is now looking into this. If you come across something like this in future, please create a help ticket so we can action asap. Thanks again!


u are right however, that’s not the first time that i read about some guys mentioning about it and if u really want to cheat a system, i guess that this is possible , so what he is saying maybe true … the problem is that proves have to provided with in order not to accuse an innocent person …

yes this is right, this is possible , however rating system is far form being perfect and we can see many negative things coming out of it … from unfair bad reviews, to people almost never getting any rating and including some cheatings, so u are right this is possible but this is also not excluding some potential problem as evoked as well … . Beside,s i don’t know whether u have seen it, but it frequently happened to have some guys coming here and asking for a possible way to get more ratings from customers … which is also underlining that lots of buyers (the greta majority of buyers) are not rating

Hi @natman Thanks for your prompt reply, self-purchasing and fake rating is happening too often on Presentations category and nobody does anything about it.

We reported a lot authors that your security team has confirmed with self purchasing and they don’t take action.


You can see the previously tickets that we sent to envato help:


All authors that we reported on these tickets was confirmed with self-purchasing.

If you want the proof of all check our new ticket 349732 we opened a few hours ago

If this continues the rate of each item are going to be useless for customers because they will not know whether it is a good product or not because of fake ratings

Looking forward to your reply


I applaud your decision to denounce this :clap:

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You’re welcome @slidefusion. We definitely follow up on all reports of self-purchasing and this kind of behavior always results in a warning and if repeated suspensions or bans. Please continue to let us know!

Hi everyone, quick reminder: please don’t call out specific community members here on the forums. If you suspect someone is self-purchasing, please create a new help ticket and we’ll investigate. Thanks!

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So true! I have heard it before

I’ve seen a few 5.0-star rated items with only 3 sales before. The interesting part is those items usually don’t do well at all, so they’re essentially wasting their own money anyway.


As a customer, I almost always rate my purchases - but I think it would be very easy to remind every buyer to rate:
Simply send out an automated email 2-3 days after the purchase, asking the buyer to rate.

That might also eliminate a bit of the motivation to cheat the system.

This feature is already available. Sign in to your account, go to Settings > Email Settings.
The buyer will get an email reminding to rate an item a week after purchase.


Thanks! I didn´t know that. It was already on, but I can´t remember ever receiving a follow-up email, so maybe it´s not working…or I´m getting more senile :smiley:

As a buyer I rarely look at ratings as it just does not mean anything to me.

I look at the project in-depth, and make my own decisions, based upon that.

When I do give ratings, of which I am very reserved about, they are meaningful and describe why I gave the rating.

Those that actually do purchase their own projects, and rate them, are sorry individuals and have bigger problems.

Its a common problem imo. Some play ugly

Although, that’s a reminder for you to leave a review if you buy something… the people who buy our items might not have that option enabled.

And I buy a lot of stuff here and can;t really remember having a reminder email for ages. Not sure if the feature actually works any more.

there is a new item at add-ons (GR) category with 5 stars already. looks like they are abusing the system, but how can we be sure?

and things can get pretty ugly now that you can set your price to $1, ask your friends to buy and rate and then you can raise your price again. Envato, please keep track of price changes because some people will abuse the system!