Lost avada key

Hello. In a bit of a panic here. Need to update our site’s PHP and to do so need to get into our Avada account to download files. We hired someone to originally build our website and seemingly did not get emailed our product key. It is already registered in our word press account, but we are not able to log into the AVADA or ENVATO account to download the needed files without this key. We cannot buy extended support because the download is not showing up in our account. Is there a way to get the code from word press?

If we buy a new subscription will it lose all the data and look of our website or can these two subscriptions be merged? We have fusion builder as a plug in that we built most of the website with that was bought off of the AVADA theme. Just do not want to lose all of our website…
Thank you anyone who took your time to respond and help.

If the web designer activated the theme, you should be able to download and install any updates directly from the WordPress dashboard. However, if the website was built before April 2021, they say you will need to reactivate it with a purchase code to receive updates beyond version 7.3.

If you’re in that situation, then it’s probably unlikely that you would be able to recover the purchase code from WordPress. That’s because prior to version 7.3, they used a token system for activation instead of purchase codes, so only a useless “token” would theoretically be stored.

You mention a “subscription” a few times, but it must be noted that Avada is not available as part of any subscription. They only sell individual licenses at ThemeForest and these licenses do not expire, so long as you keep the purchase code handy.

If you do end up purchasing a new license to update, the process of updating a theme becomes riskier as your website becomes more outdated. Fortunately, they have an easy way to backup the website, and all of these processes are well documented. Make sure to read and follow their guides:

Thank you for your response. It is not showing up in our account and the person who built the website is not contactable to possibly see if the download is in his account. We have tried every email that we have and the download is not in there. It was purchased in 2017-2018.

Sorry. I meant the support subscription. We do not have the code handy and purchased it back in 2017-2018. If we buy a new one, will our website look and content be lost? Our current Avada is Version: 6.1.0, and needs to be updated anyways for our site to update the PHP.

The only people who can give an accurate or trustworthy answer on that would be the theme’s developer, @ThemeFusion.

Their documentation doesn’t seem to mention any special procedures or warnings for updating from 6.1 to the latest version. You could possibly enquire about it on the theme’s comments section before purchasing.

You should back up the website before updating so if something does go wrong, you can revert it. Avada’s support team should also be able to help you through any complications with an active support entitlement.

Thank you so much for the link.