Registration/Purchase Codes

I’ve purchased the Avada theme a bunch of times through ThemeForest. After purchasing, I install the theme in Wordpress, and use the purchase code to register on the site. But occasionally, I have sites that lose their connection, and say, “The purchase code is already being used on another domain”. This just recently happened again, several weeks after launching a site and having no issues. But because we do a lot of websites, it’s difficult to go back and determine which purchase is associated with which site. I’ve combed through all of the settings, and can’t seem to find a list of the themes and what sites they’re associated with. If they’re registered, certainly there’s a record of this, right? Please help!

Hope you will get a solution here:

Go to the Register Envato Code tab on your support account at Theme-Fusion and you will see all of your purchased code and registered sites list if you need you can update the site name using the registered purchased code there.


When I go to that page, it only shows one registered purchase code. I’ve registered different codes for probably 50 websites. Do the codes expire over time or something??

You can ask this directly to the theme author.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query: