How can I transfer a purchased theme to my client?

I created a website for my client in 2016, now they have decided to take control of the site themselves, my question is how can I transfer ownership of the theme (Avada) to my client? I’ve read elsewhere that I need to just give them the license purchase code and remove the item from my computers/installation. That’s fine to do. Also, I know that they can keep the plugin up to date using the envato app, but I don’t like the idea of my license forever being tied to the website.

What would happen if I removed the Avada theme from the site, and they then purchased the theme themselves and installed it onto the website? Would the site functionality and design be exactly the same as it was before with my Avada license installed?

Thank you.

The license is not transferable from your account to anywhere else. What you could do is to give the license code but they may need your help to get the updates. To solve the problem, they will need to create a new account and purchase the item on their end to update the license.

You cannot remove the purchased items from your “Download” section.

Thank you for the speedy response.

  1. I have usually kept the site up to date directly from the Wordpress dashboard itself, so once I transfer the license code to them, this is something they can continue to do as normal themselves (albeit via my license), is this correct?

  2. If we go down the route of them purchasing a new Avada license for themselves, once I unregister my license key from the site and they add their new license key, will the website continue to look and function exactly as it did before?


  • It’s not possible to get the auto updates when you shared the license. The license lets them to use the theme but they cannot access the updates

  • Yes, there shouldn’t be any problem but make sure you backup the website before.

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  1. So they can’t auto update, but are they able to manually update the theme from within the Wordpress dashboard? This is how I have been handling the updates, it was never on auto update.

  2. Great thanks, I will most likely go down the route of removing my license so they can add their own, seems the easiest/cleanest option.

Thanks again.

No, they can’t manually update unless you share the file ( you need get involved )
The best way, if you don’t want to get involved, they need to purchase their own copy then you could leave the project to them.