No purchase code found


In my accounts i have no downloads and that means no purchase code for my avada theme. Thats why when i generate a token code its invalid on my WordPress website where i paste it. Where has it gone? My support has run out that came with my theme. Can someone tell me how to get around this because i keep getting invalid code and reads my theme is not purchased so i can’t update my avada plugins. Why is so complicated.

Please help

Kind regards


Hey there Donna! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your item. Are you talking about the purchase code you can locate in the Downloads menu, clicking the download arrow and selecting the license option? If that license code is causing you issues you can contact Envato Help & Support Center for help to regenerate or investigate this issue. Cheers!

Hi thanks for you help. Yes its most strange my purchase code is not there.

I send a message to support hopefully they can help.