Can't get my API key

Dear community,

Around 2013 I purchased the Avada theme for Wordpress. In the years I used it for multiple basic websites of mine. Yesterday I started a new project and after uploading the Avada theme I wanted to register the theme again via Wordpress. It then asks for three things.

  • My envato name - Wich I have
  • My Purchase code - Wich I have
  • The API key - Wich I always generate via a link in Wordpress

I am currently failing to obtain the API key to activate the theme. Since the tutorial/instructions don’t match my display within the Envato Market (I think they updated the layout).
Can anyone enlighten me with how I can obtain the API key again? I am aware you don’t need the registration to use the theme on a certain level. But I want it to update so I can use more features in the theme.

*Post-note: Sorry for my lack of basic knoweledge. Since I am still a very novice Wordpress user.
Hope to hear from you. Meaby I hope I posted this topic in the right catagory.

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Just to be clear you are not using this theme on another website right?

Each website requires its own license/copy and you will have issues when registering. If it’s installed in multiple sites.

These are the instructions you need

FYI you need to be using the latest version (or at least 5.0) of the theme for it to be possible to register using tokens

Hi - did you find out how to do this? I have exactly the same problem - none of the “how to” links, including the other reply go to generating the API Key now I can’t update!

Hi @ruthielark,

It isn’t possible to generate an API key anymore, because the legacy API which used those keys was shut down back in March.

If your item is built to use the modern Envato API, you will need to generate a personal token instead, which is a special type of API key that allows you to choose its permissions.

Unfortunately, if you’re stuck on a very outdated version of an item, then it could be using the legacy API which won’t work at all anymore. In this case, it’s best to contact the author and ask for their recommended upgrade procedure.

Thanks for your reply, yes I discovered it was a really outdated version so the good people at Avada help desk are assisting me to update.

Ruth Larkin

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