Upgrade from Avada 5.3 to the latest

I have WordPress 6.1.1 (recently updated) with Avada 5.3.
In the menu bar I no longer see the “Edit with Avada” item. I think it’s an update problem.
I wanted to try updating Avada 5.3 to a newer version. What do you recommend me to do?
The site was made by another person, and now, we need to change a few things, but this cannot be done.

Ps.: Avada is registered and the code is entered in the back-end but it is not possible to update Avada automatically. I was thinking of updating it via FTP.
I have no way of accessing the purchase account.

Please help me.

This sounds like it could well be to do with updates.

Unfortunately if you cannot see the update in the admin and cannot access the original purchase then you are going to need to purchase a new copy and get the 6 month support and updates from that license.

Thank you for your reply.
So, if I buy a new licence, will I be able to get support and upgrade to the latest version?

Yes 6 month support and updates for lifetime