Avada was installed by a developer and we don't have codes to update


We had a designer develop our site. She used Avada which is great, but now 2 years later all of a sudden the Revolution Slider stopped working and needs an update. To get an update I need to log into the Avada support with the same purchase code as it was bought with. Sadly we don’t have any such code.

Do I need to buy Avada again so I can get the code or how do I make this beast work again??

I’d ask Avada support, but of course I don’t have a purchase code to do that either.


if you don’t have the purchase code, you will need to buy a license, you will need access to the account that bought the item to get any updates, Avada has had a lot in the last 2 years and many more to come so for $60, I would buy a license so your website is upto date.