Adding a purchase code

I need some help please. I recently took over managing a web site that is using Avada 3.9.2 It was set up by a third party who purchased Avada so it is all under their name. The third party is no longer around so how do I add the purchase key to my account so I can do an update? Thank you ahead of time for any help you can offer.

They would need to transfer the code / give it to you (assuming it has not already been applied).

If they do not do this then unfortunately you will not be able to access the downloads as via admin is controlled using the code and even if the original buyer transferred the code to you the physical download of the theme files will only ever be possible from the original purchasing account.

I was afraid of that thank you. It would be possible for me to repurchase the theme and apply it to the existing site, right?

In theory yes but it may be worth asking the author on item comments to be double sure.

I’m assuming you have tried updating already and there’s no code already applied in the admin allowing you to do it?

that is right, thanks.