How do I find ThemeForest Purchase Code which my webdesigner purchased

My web designer purchased an Avada theme for my website but I cant get him to respond to my contact any longer and I want to have a go at fixing the problem myself through support.

The problem is that I require the ‘Purchase Code’, does this property belong to him or me?

Is there any way around it if he owns it?

Unfortunately you are only going to be able to get this if the designer gives it to you.

In theory if they transferred the license to you so you can use the theme then they should have given you info like this.

So who does the actual license legally belong to? The designer or the website owner?

Officially whoever purchased the file.

A designer can transfer the license to the client but that needs to be agreeded properly somewhere and they have to hand over all the license codes, removed any test environments copies etc

Even if this is done correctly the updates to the theme will only ever be available from the original purchase account, unless there is a way to automate this via theme options and the designer/developer has already used the purchase code to activate this.

charlie4282, how can I transfer the license to my client? Just giving the purchase code and template files?

Pretty much yes - give them something in writing and make sure that all copies of the item files are fully removed from your machine and/or hosting

Bear in mind that they will not be able to access updates or download the item