Looking for PSD web designer

Hey People
Im Fullstack Web designer & developer since 2012 , skilled most front end frameworks and familar with Laravel , WP Codeing , Nodejs Express

Now im looking for PSD partner
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Do you have any item accepted on envato? or you just want to start ?

I dont have any item in envato , just wanna start

So now is the problem because at first you have to prove you have as good skills and knowledge as Envato Requirements and believe me the requirements for codes etc. are extreme. For example people are crying here on forum they had business card design rejected… a simple business card for print. Imagine what happens when few professionals sitting at you code and checking it from the top to the bottom.

Even if someone who is already selling his PSDs on themeforest want to work with you I think nobody will not because there’s risk you will get hard rejection more than few times.

My advice -> go to themeforest to PSD templates section ( like here: https://themeforest.net/category/psd-templates ) , choose best template you think you can code, buy this template on extended licence (it will cost about 300 - 600$) or buy it at normal licence and ask author if you can use this for coding and selling on market (you can offer part of income for him) and you can start. At least you will be sure you have design which was approved and rest of the work (coding this properly) is only up to you.


Just for clarity - license is irrelevant without permission first. Assuming someone has permission to code a design then they will still almost certainly need an extended license on top

So what is extended licence mean ? For example I buy PSD template with extended licence for 600$ and I can not code it and later sell it ?

I was thinking extended = it is mine now for commercial use too. :slight_smile:

You can buy a PSD and code it to sell using either regular or extended license if it is for a one-off end project e.g a client job. You can’t code it for sale on here or other marketplaces ‘as-is’ or without permission of the original author.

Extended license refers to several things, but mostly around how the end product is used.

In the case of websites (regardless of PSD/WP/HTML) if a user has to pay to access/use website then it requires an extended license.

In terms of general licensing - 1 license = 1 website/end product. This is the same for regular or extended and there is no such things as a multi-use or multi-installation license here, and neither grants permission to resell as-is without permission

good to know. I am not selling on TF but on the graphicriver and I never take a closer look on licences but now it is clear :slight_smile:

I think I will stop reading envato author quidelines :slight_smile: I will ask moderators here on forum (joke).

thanks for explaining this one, very usefull.

To be fair I am less familiar with GR licensing and would always suggest double checking with support

You don’t have to be familiar with quidelines of all markets - it is enough you are familiar on TF, at least we are on TF forum :slight_smile: fair enough

So what now? Can i convert psd to html with just author premission?

I think you will get answer soon but i have a proposition to contact me at [e-mail address removed]

I think we can talk about something here

To convert another item that is already for sale on the marketplace:

  1. Get permission form the original author. They may want specific licenses, profit sharing etc.

  2. Purchase the necessary licesne (usually an extended one)

  3. Get the original author to submit a ticket to support stating that they have given you permission (also get this in an email

  4. Get the ticket ID above

  5. Include this ticket ID in the comments of your submission

and this is main explanation.

Make “baby driver” slalom with this things and contact me. :slight_smile: I’l make you design.

You should try to upload a psd template for qualifying your skills.

And remember - When your item like coded template is approved it’s just the beginning. You will get tons of mails and comments from your customers - this is called item support :slight_smile: this is hard work.