About finding partner

hello guys can you give me some tips about finding good co worker in envato , i already have web template PSD design that made by me , but to be honest i m really not a pro with the web developing stuff , so i like to work with another developer in here , but i m scared if i gave him my design , he may be steal it and then i will have nothing , how this kind of process is goes on

P.s : sorry for my bad english , hope you will understand what i mean

Hello, please send me a email to themeamber@gmail.com

Thank you!

I am an expert front end developer and i have another partner who is expert back end developer…so we just need an expert psd designer. We work with an Elite Author as a partnership but we want to establish our ThemeForest account now. If you want then I can show our many products which are approved in TF now. My skype id : aftabzaman1 .
waiting for an expert psd designer…

If you can prove authorship of your work I don’t think it’s possible for any developer to steal your work and sell it here on themeforest. One way to prove your authorship might be to upload your PSD template here on themeforest from your account.

Thank you Mstrends :slight_smile: really appreciate , i think uploading the PSD to TF is a good idea

Though there is one caveat in this approach, standards of PSD category is higher than HTML or WordPress category. i.e. a template design may not be ready for PSD category but may do fine in others.

Thank you i will take a note :slight_smile: