Looking for mentor

Don’t know on what conditions it happens in AJ, I’m ready to discuss it. Maybe half of the income for the first months of working together.
I’m a professional musician and maybe my problem in not perfect mixing.
In last 2 months I’ve wrote about 20 tracks, but only 2 of them was approved.
Now I’m centred on acoustic style.
Thanks everyone in advance.

Hello! First of all I Will be honest with you :slightly_smiling_face: in my opinion it is a bad idea. Try to show some of your tracks on forum because mixing its not the only reason of rejections. Secondly, if you are new here you have to know that to get good and constant sales here is really difficult nowadays. And you wrote that you wanna share your income… Dont get me wrong friend but in my opinion it wont work… I’m writing this because I was in the same situation with the same idea in the past :slightly_smiling_face: so here is my advice :
Post some of your music on forum. Guys here are very helpful.
Listen other acoustic tracks here on Aj and focus not only on mixing. Composition is importamt as well.
Practice, practice, practice
And accept the fact that there is no short way to make fast and good money here. Only work and patience. Wish you all the best


Thank you for honesty at first.)
I would be calm, if my tracks will be appruved for sale, but sold little.
Problem is that rejection comes with no comments.
I’m start to post my track on this forum, well, hope it’s going to help.
Thank you)

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I fully support this opinion! The more you work, the better you will get. In the beginning, try to concentrate not on quantity, but on quality. And then try to do the same thing a little faster. Start to optimize the process of creating tracks, and you will succeed. Good luck!

I understand, that with every new project grows my skill. But in the beginning of January was approved my 2 tracks, after it all of my track was rejected. And the problem is that I don’t clearly understand why. I don’t hear some big mistakes in rejected tracks, but I see in sale tracks with really big disadvantages and for reviewers it’s OK.
I’m making a conclusion that there is some points in producing AJ music, that I have to get to know. I am really very grateful to those participants of this forum who tell me my mistakes of tracks, that I post there.
And number of my tracks such not because I’m hurry in producing. It’s because I’m really like it and work alot.)
Well, of course I’ll try to make my tracks better, but maybe there is some hidden laws in AJ?))