Hello i am new and hopeful.

hi i’m new in audiojungle. I am waiting for my first approval with hope. If there is any advice that you can give me to continue advancing in this site I would like to read it. Thank you in advance for everything.

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Never give up! :smiley:

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thank you :blush:

Hi, friend! Welcome aboard) Based on my experience, I can advise you to listen to a lot of music on AudioJungle to understand this market and what kind of music will suit a potential buyer the most. Continue to work hard and always strive to do as well as possible. :wink: Good luck with your music and have a nice day!


Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me, I will follow your advice. I listened to your profile and I wanted to congratulate you. Your level is very good.

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Welcome here! I’ve looked at your profile! I think it’s promising… Good luck, and take the time it will take without getting discouraged. :wink:

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Welcome to AJ family :tada:
I’m here 3 years, but still think I’m new as you, so can’t advice. Just work, work, work :sweat_smile:
Good Luck🍀

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Hi my friend. Most importantly you have to be patient. You should only try to produce quality content because you are on a huge platform. Everything will be easier when you produce content that is clean, understandable and commercial quality. Good luck.

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Thank you very much for the good feelings. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you very much for your time and advice, I appreciate it very much.

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You are welcome.

Welcome here @Handsmakemusic.
I am relatively new too here on audiojungle. You’ve got some good advices, but I have some additions:

  • Get in touch and stay in touch with other users here
  • Participate in discussions
  • Take the time to read helpful posts in the forum
  • Take the time to hear music from other users and give feedback - so we all can benefit (there’s a thread “Your item was approved for sale”)
  • Don’t be angry, if a song from you got rejected. You can ask other users about their opinion and ask for some advices to do a better job next time. Nearly everyone of us catched a song rejection.
  • Be patient. You need a sufficiently large portfolio with songs/music packs
  • Be realistic. Don’t expect a sales explosion, if your song is approved for sale. We all live in a time of COVID-19 - which means, a lot of people living in lock-downs, maybe lost their jobs and they have now the time to produce a lot of music. The competition is strongly growing in this market and audiojungle got flooded with new music pieces in this year.
  • Don’t give up: There are good months an bad months - from the sales perspective. We have users here with over 250 high quality items in their portfoio - and the sales this month were bad as hell. Don’t rate your own work ONLY from the sales perspective. With your work - which is much more important - you keep the music culture up.
  • Rate your work in a realistic way. When you upload a song here, try to remember, how much work and time you spent to get that piece of music finished. You have the choice to sell your songs for a minimum price - but ask yourself, if it is the right way to waste your talent and time for a $5,- sale.

Good luck my friend.


The only correct answer I can give is to work for many hours every day. within a year or two you can reach a good level. If you work hard daily.


Welcome! If you’re music is rejected try not to take it personally. Produce what you love and what you’re good at. Count it a blessing to be able to use your talents to create. All the best!

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Welcome, am new the same like u.
but i feel am in the right place and the right community.
am sure we gonna enjoy this

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Wow! I love that answer!! :+1: :clap:


Hi, I’m new like you but my first tracks do not pass, any help what to do right. I can send my portfolio if you can see. Have a good time.

Hi szymalix,

You can start a new topic with your rejected tracks. Just post the soundcloud links there, and the more experienced authors will give you valuable feedback.

Ok, I do it right now, thank you ! !