Willing to pay!!!

Hey guys
I’m fed up of getting my songs knocked back by the dasterdly reviewers, i have great gear, and dont compromise on quality, i would really appreciate it if someone would send me through a project file of one of their songs, so i can see what i should be doing in terms of effects, panning, signal chain, mixing and mastering, i just need to get an idea of what i should be doing, as my tracks are always rejected for the same reason (doesn’t meet the mixing / mastering standard) this is very annoying, when i have the equipment to be able to submit quality recordings, i will pay you for this, i use Cubase 7.5, so if any of you feel like helping out, it would be a great help, i WILL pay.

I use Neutron and Izotope 7 for mixing / mastering respectively

Disclaimer i wont pinch your song :slight_smile: i just want to know the mixing / mastering workflow of an accomplished AJ author.

Many, many many thanks in advance

Maybe in your music a boring intro… this is my problem. we do as we were taught: all the cool in the middle or at the end of the track. on Aj need to do a catchy beginning. Here is my latest work if you’re interested. But it has not yet been approved.

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Hey mate
My songs are been rejected because of the mixing / mastering element, and not the composition, that’s what’s frustrating…

Thanks dude
I’ve seen this before, some great tips, but doesn’t help me with the production element of my tracks :-/

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You all watched the tracks on Aj? No, not those who have a lot of sales, look and listen. Why do you think I’m being so aggressive about the “Hard rejected” my music.I see a clear discrimination against me. I had a desire to collect all these “tracks” and create a thread in the forum, but I do not want to advertise those guys, whose this music. They did me nothing plohovo… I repeat - try to do interesting beginning. and not to challenge or else you are a long time will solve a problem that doesn’t exist “sound Quality”. A letter
this is the standard answer to “Rejected”

The problem is that this is a standard cut and paste piece of text and you can’t be sure that it really is just the mixing / mastering element.

To be honest, I think it would be better to just have a standard message saying that it’s not practical for AJ to provide feedback on hard rejected items as I think the wordings being used are causing a lot of unnecessary confusion.


I agree. I spent a lot of time and nerves because of this.

Hi Paul
I have to agree with you, its lazy to be honest, yes, I appreciate they’re busy, but I presume they’re making $millions, so employ more staff, and communicate better / more efficiently with the people that are making Envato all this money.

And you have been placed this track?

Just had no sales. this may be a factor in your “Hard rejected” as not claimed.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re implying?

I mean statistics. statistics also plays a role when the question of approval (I think so).

Well it shouldn’t, tracks should be judged regardless of sales, if that’s the case, then shame on Envato.

How about posting some of your rejected tracks here in the thread to get some feedback on issues you may have with the mix? Put them up as private links on Soundcloud and post them here. That way people could easier help out.

Remember that AJ has a standard reply for most rejections containing the same text.


I’d gladly send you my project files but I’m struggling with hard rejects as well. Plus, I’m not using Cubase.

Upload the tracks here and let’s see exactly what are the flaws. There are so many things that can go wrong (or not compatible with AJ commercial standards).

I use Neutron and Izotope 7 for mixing / mastering respectively

iZotope Neutron can be a great tool but for beginners like you and me, it can be also deceiving. Track assistant is a cool feature but it’s far from perfect. Sometimes it gives you awful results. The point of this plug-in is to get you on the right track by providing the starting point, not mix it for you. I tried it and decided not to use it for now. I will only use ‘masking’ feature if necessary. It does too many drastic changes and you tend to get lazy to see what it actually changed. In the end you end up with a weird mix done by a plug-in, not you.

Try to detect issues with your ears and only after that verify by using plug-ins and looking at waveforms. There’s no point in using expensive plug-ins if you can’t effectively use your ears.

Theoretical bs aside, just post your tracks and let’s see how we can help.

Great reply dude, thank you for this!
Maybe Neutron is the devil in disguise, but I only bought it to help me, seems like it could be doing more harm than good.

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I actually don’t have a problem with AJ not giving specific feedback on rejected items as I think it would be hugely time consuming with the number of submissions now being received.

But I think it would be better to be upfront about this rather then use standard texts that can give the impression that more specific feedback is being given than is really the case.

The only way I think it would be practical for more detailed feedback to be given would be to have an initial ‘audition’ process before new authors can have submissions considered . I’d say that’s an option but it would be a big change to the current open submissions policy.

Even just checking the causes of the rejection would be super helpful. It wouldn’t add more than couple of seconds to the reviewers’ work. They’re thinking about this anyway, they’re just not telling us. Possible values could be:

❏ Commercial value
❏ Quality of samples/sounds
❏ Composition
❏ Arrangement
❏ Mixing
❏ Mastering
❏ It’s a bad weather
❏ You’re a loser
❏ …


Equipment doesn’t make anyone a great mixer.

Time, hard work, education and experience is what can make someone a great mixer.

It doesn’t matter if you spend $100,000 on all the fancy gear/plug-ins.

A great mixer can mix great tracks on nothing but stock plug-ins.

It just takes time, A LOT of time, to develop your ears and make all the mistakes and learn from them. It’s like anything else, a good 5-10 years of actively doing something is what it takes.


^ This. And not conspiracy theories.