Logo rejected, looking for feedback

Hi everyone,
I was just looking for some feedback on this item that was rejected.
Thanks for your help!

With respect, the concept is not new and the typography is not good

hi as for me I think that even if the logo is rather clean, this looks rather outdated, too, on the other hand … most of modern logos use much the pathfinder and so on , u do not really have this , there is form of a global retro feeling resulting from what u have at this stage and the rather retro style turns even more “outdated” , once considering the typo part indeed. Otherwise, the tagline is lacking and I am not sure how it goes if the logo “gets horizontal” as , as for I know, it seems required to add an horizontal version too … I am particularly not sure how the thing goes when it comes to imbricating both parts - illustration and text - if u have to create a horizontal version

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