Logo rejected, HELP ?

Hi everyone, one year ago i tried to create a logo for envato,cof course i got rejected. Now i know much more about ilustrator ,desing etc… im studing in a grapahic desing school. So with my experience i create a new one logo, and i got rejected, im not sure if the problem is if i tried to load the logo in a bad theme. (Logo template). In the e-mail i could read. “We have completed our review of “Ocean logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. I dont know what could be de problem , maybe the name files, maybe the quality of the thumbnail… im to lost in this and i really want to take part in envato and learn how to do it properly. Thanks! I´ll post screenshots about my logo, layouts, files… etc

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The problem is the concept and typography. If you get them right, they will probably soft reject it and give you hints to fix your mistakes. Look at the latest approved logos and try to learn why they are accepted by replicating them as an exercise, trust me you will learn few things about good logo design and how to chose appropriate typography for your logos.