Logo rejected - your opinion and feedback

What may be the cause that it was rejected? Can you please offer an opinion on this logo?
Thanks for help.

logo has to come from a more meaningful place. Your logo is too simple.

hi well , at this stage, sorry to say just that, no offense obviously , u are very far from the required standards … not only do u have technical issues so to speak but design wise too. Please also keep in mind that this category is probably the toughest one of all …

tagline and technical
first of all u do not have a tagline … this is required here

then, the typo is really way too basic, here u are expected to introduce originality and to combine fonts, too …

sorry to say just this but your tree looks not “strongly executed”, people are just guessing that this is a tree , this is not instinctive and the shape does not really look good to be honest …

graphic design
u really have to push the envelope about the design … at this moment , what u have is a logo that anybody who knows how to use illustrator can do in not over 5 minutes and for that matter , think about it, why would anyone pay 30$ or more to buy this when they would not even save time by buying … they would just do it by themselves and save money … so in short even if a miracle had happened and that your item had been approved, believe me u would not have sold any , this is for sure …

general style
u really need to introduce some originality , some personal touch , some relief, kind of effect or whatever u like and that will look good … the global style is way too flat if u ask me