Logo hard rejected. Need help!


hi I think that the logo is sort of not bad - though this is inspiring a slight deja vu feeling to be honest - but is globally too raw at the moment … The thing is that the fact that u kept it very minimalist at this stage has indeed also decreased the commercial potential of the item in the process, as well … Look, right now, anyone with decent skills ca pedi the logo without taking too much time and this also implies that people will not necessarily feel like they will save time out of buying the item, so that the logo suddenly looks less interesting in the end , if u wish. if u ask me, putting some relief by adding gradients for instance would help to make the item look more outstanding and unique. I also assume that the color combination is not the best one that u could have made, for sure… opting for complementary colors, shades of the same colors or theme code colors are safe choices and if I were u I would bet on this rather than for these colors not having much contrast and not valuing your work. Besides, as we are evoking contrast and efficiency , to tell u how I feel, the preview is not good enough yet for this is lacking contrast and thus everything but punchy and being readable and valuing your work … Finally, the typo si clean but maybe a bit “originality” would have been welcome ensure more relief …

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Finally you said ‘Not Bad’. For now this is enough for me.

but this is not because the real deal for u is to have the item accepted , this should be your goal :slight_smile: