Locked out

I purchased a theme today through paypal at around 4:00pm. The transaction was good, but when I went to follow the link in my email to get the files it says that I’m locked out.

After writing a support ticket I was told approximately 4 hours later to send an email from my paypal address. I mean are they kidding me. Do they seriously expect me to reconfigure my email client?

If they are so concerned to verify my paypal account why don’t they send me an email there?

The support seems woeful, when I try to do virtually anything, including request a refund my browser goes into an endless reloading loop - probably because my account is locked.

Does anyone know how I can either get the files that I’ve paid for or get a refund.

This process has been overwhelmingly frustrating.

I’m no expert, but I don’t think support would have asked you to email them from your Paypal address if they didn’t need you to email them from your Paypal address. That’s probably your best course of action. Not quite sure what you mean about reconfiguring your email client… any email addresses I have that aren’t set up in my mail client have an online mailbox that I can log into with just my email and password. There should be no need to go sticking in port numbers and outgoing servers and all that jazz.

I appreciate that getting locked out can be very frustrating, and if there’s no reason for you to be locked out then that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but when it comes to support… if I’m understanding you correctly, then they got back to you in four hours with instructions on what you needed to do to get the problem solved. I wouldn’t call that ‘next to useless’. You’re entitled to your opinion though, of course.

I own a domain. I can receive mail from any user in the domain. But I only send from one. My paypal email is different to the email that I signed up to envato with. So what.

My google apps account and my thunderbird is configured to send email only from the one address.

I will quote you what support told me four hours after I made my first request:

“If you could please contact help@market.envato.com from the email address that is registered to your PayPal account and reference this ticket number #399409 I’ll be able to get you up and running again.”

Now seriously, this is so wrong.

If they need to verify my email address why don’t they just send me an email to my paypal address - which I’ve asked them to do and they’ve refused.

When I hit the link to request a refund I’m sent in an endless loop, I’m basically stuck, can’t edit my account can’t get support, can’t do anything because my account is locked.

What can I say I’m furious at my shabby treatment.

I own my own domain and when I visit the control panel I can log into the mailbox of any of my email addresses, and then send and receive from there. Is that not the case with yours?

As for being locked out, support have told you what you need to do. I appreciate it may not be what you want to do, for one reason or another, or you feel there may be a better solution… but they have given you a solution. It’s obviously not one you like, but it is one you need to follow to get this resolved.

Wouldn’t it be quicker, easier and less stressful to just email them from your Paypal email address? You’re welcome to carry on questioning the quality of support, and debating the merits of their solution afterwards, but at least you’ll then have the file you paid for.

You may think that’s good enough.

I don’t.

If you pay for something you should get it.

The instructions on the website are wrong - said I’d be sent an email - which hasn’t come.

Contact support and 4 hours later get someone from Romania giving me the run around.

It would be easier for envato to sort out my freaking problem. Before I start banging on their head office door on Monday.

It has been 10 hours now and nothing.


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Whether you or I think it’s good enough is irrelevant. Envato have a process for unlocking accounts and you have decided not to follow it.

I appreciate you don’t think it’s good enough, and if I was locked out of my account I wouldn’t think it was good enough either. But wanting Envato to bend their rules for you, especially ones relating to security, just isn’t going to happen.