How to make a complaint and get money back?


I purchased a theme through Paypal yesterday. It has shown up on my Paypal account and I received an email to down load.

But when I try to get in it says there is a problem with the Paypay account so my Evanto account has been locked and they have sent an email to the address associated with the Paypal with instruction on unlocking which they haven’t.

If it is this difficult to just the theme and no obvious way to ask for help, then I want a complete refund.

Any suggestions please?

Many thanks.

Follow this link here

HI Charlie, thank you for assistance, none of the things on the information part apply to my request and the ‘Request Refund’ link doesn’t work!

I have raised a dispute with Paypal as I can’t find any kind of customer service contact details.

Thanks again for trying.


You can open a more general ticket here

Note that opening a dispute with PayPal is unfortunately likely to cause the account here to be locked to prevent fraud and only support will be able to open that.

Good luck

Hi Charlie, thank you. I have filled the form out and it sent on the third attempt.

I have never had to do this before, but without a customer service process route to go down, I didn’t have any choice. I really appreciate your assistance, but going to a forum for something like this, particularly where personal and bank/credit card details are concerned, is really inappropriate.

Hopefully it will all be resolved one way or another!

Thank you again. Lynne

I do understand the route you took

While it’s not ideal, when this happens envato have to lock down accounts as while your situation sounds very genuine there are less scrupulous users who might otherwise try to exploit it.

Support has got quite quick recently so hopefully they will be able to come back to you ASAP and sort it out

Thanks Charlie, yes it is a shame that the internet makes things so easy, and yet also so difficult!

About the same time this happened yesterday, I received two emails to a business email address I have never used with Paypal saying my account was locked due to suspicious activity and to click the link to unlock it, I did laugh!

I have had an initial email from Envato, so hopefully it will all sort itself out soon.

Good to know people like you are around to help us ‘newbies’! thank you, Lynne