Envato doesn’t unlock account

Hey there! I am in a very stressful situation the last days. I opened a dispute on paypal and my account got locked for security reasons which is ok. But after I closed the case and messaged P. from the Support Team I got a reply that there is also another number, which is still open. So I tell P. that there are no open cases and also contact paypal by forwarding the message from P. And Paypal responses that all cases are closed, everything is fine and the number given by P. Doesn’t refer to any purchase that I did. I also told that P. But I‘m still locked. Tomorrow is a deadline for a project and I used a theme from fuelthemes. I had a support ticket open there and really need to message them because of bugs but can only login with envato.


Here you will find helpful article about Envato Account Locked
For an Account locked issue get in touch with Envato Support Team they would like to assist you hope solved your issue.


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Like I said I am already in touch with the support team and I know this article but for some reason I don’t get unlocked.

My opinion you have to getting help from support team cause no one at Envato Forum can’t help you out from your issue :frowning:

I’ve just wanted to try everything man. I have a deadline tomorrow and this will cost me hundreds. You can delete this topic if no one can help.