Sorry, it looks like you're currently locked out of your account...



I have been locked out of the system… I have quite a good buying history I need to access… and I have to buy a theme today as for replacing a theme that didn’t work and from wich I have no support.

I have asked for refund through paypal on this Item (As I have waited 5 days with no answer)… and got back without access to buy replacement theme…

I read other similar thread on my subject (Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. ) and some propose to open a ticket… but the link don’t work.

Can anyone help please ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I believe that opening a dispute with PayPal rather than via envato automatically locks accounts for security but if you open a Help ticket they will be happy to help.



@charlie4282 Thanks for your reply.

I have closed the dispute and hope things will turn out well with envato refund…

The link you have provided didn’t work… guess I have to be logged in… but I’m locked out…


Do you know how much time I have to wait after the dispute is closed ?