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So I have another account (wich as the title says now it is locked). Yesterday I received a DMCA notice on the account and I decided to ignore it (envato removed my items and there was no point in taking any legal action for 0$ since my item did not generate any money in a month). Today I received a mail saying that my account has been locked out due to multiple violations of Envato’s Content Policy. They gave me a link to 3 DMCA takedown notices (I know only about two of them ) and of course I can not access them since my acount is locked (nice logic Envato). I used to make mobile games clones so sometimes the authors of those game sended DMCA’s saying that my game is similar to them (I always made my own graphics and only kept the game mechanics and sometimes the name) .
I do not really care if my account is getting unlocked but will envato give me the money from that account back since I worked for those money and I do not think it’s fair that they now can take my money .Also theygave me no time to respond to the DMCA takedown, they just locked my account the very next day. I wrote to their support but I really do not want to wait 1week+ to get their respond so maybe someone here can help me.

Are you this guy? Today is the worst day of my life. :(

Nope , but I feel what that man has been through, I once created an item for an user and I trusted him so I sended the file first for testing purpose ( it was not finished but it had the main game and graphics already made) and he never payed me after that. After that I choose to upload the game to envato (at least to get some money from my work) and 2 weeks later I got a DMCA from that guy saying that it was his item and of course since I could not show it was indeed my work (we spoke on skype and unfortunately I did not used to save the conversations ) and I said "What the hack, it’s just some dollars there is no point in loosing more money to prove that it was my work " .

Surely that’s not allowed? You kind of shot yourself in the foot if you were cloning other people’s work, and as for getting your money back… if you made money off other people’s work, is it really your money? I appreciate you may have put a lot of work into it, I mean, bank robbers put a lot of work into robbing banks… but that doesn’t make them any more deserving of the money they’ve pinched!

Although if you’re not getting your money back, I would be interested to know what Envato do with it. I guess charity would be a good option, although maybe they hold it in some kind of litigation fund for a certain amount of years, just in case something kicks off as a result of any copyright infringement.

Well they did not seem to have a problem when I posted the games. Also they did not seem to have a problem when they featured my game on codecanyon.

It is naive to think that reviewer will be familiar with ALL games/themes/designs/music out there and will reject ripped works right from the start. You said yourself that you’ve used to make CLONES, which is obviously not allowed. This is not wild west.

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