(Locked) Account disabled


We recently got our 2 CodeCanyon items (iOS and Android games) disabled due to a DMCA notice. The email says “In accordance with our Membership terms, we are freezing the funds earned from the sale of the item for up to 3 months”.

The games were 100% our code and design.

We checked in the Statement page and the founds were indeed frozen, but our account could be accessed without problems. After a couple of days when trying to log in we got a message saying “Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.”.

We opened a support ticket (133867) in order to find out what happened but the response was that our account was disabled permanently. All of our earning were taken. We offered free support and good quality code and this happened.
Is there any chance to regain our money back?

Any help is welcomed.

This thread has been locked >> Copyright Discussion

While we really appreciate the intention of such matters being quickly posted/discussed in the forums, we politely ask that any/all copyright infringement related issues be reported directly to Envato Help Centre

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