Graphicriver: Suddenly my account has been locked. I explained very clearly, but the wait is futile.

I worked in graphicriver for about 1 year and became level 4. It’s my main monthly income, I had to work a lot in 1 year and suddenly my account was locked, I did not receive any notification from Envato.I didn’t use more than 1 account and nor received complaints about DMCA.
I explained very clearly in the text attachments (ticket ID: 320713 ), but that does not get noticed.
Please send it to people who can solve my problem in graphicriver.

@KingDog please Help me…

Sorry to hear about that. It’s good you have a Help Ticket open as we’re not able to provide account support via the forums. Hopefully they will be back to you soon and I’m sure they will help in whatever way that they can. Thanks!