Locked account, how long before this is gonna be solved?

Since they even have a topic about this bug they call a security feature I assume lots of people encouter it.

How long does it normally take to get this fixed? I’ve sent a mail and got a reply they’ve transfered it to the appropriate staff but after that total silence. I’ve paid for a theme and when paypal sent me back to envato, I got locked out.

The Help Team will reply to your ticket as soon as they possibly can. They may have to do some investigation on why the account was locked first.


Will as soon as they possibly can be this year or somewhere in 2024?
Because so far my account is still locked…

They solved it, tried paying and locked again.

Sent a new mail to support, got a quick reply this time but I would have to make a new Paypal account to be able to pay on this site. Seems quite weird since my account works fine for years now on every other website and I even used it here before. Anyway, sent the author a mail, got a quick reply and ended up buying another theme from the author’s own website.

So problem solved for me.