Envato Can't Seem To Activate My Account

For the last two+ months I’ve been trying to work with Envato to get my account “unlocked”. What happened was that I ordered a theme, I decided within 24 hours that I didn’t want it. I contacted Envato and asked for a refund. They told me to contact the author. I did, the author said no. Then I contacted Envato, they told me that there was nothing they could do. So I contested the charge on my credit card. Afterwards, Envato locked my account. Upon review of the fine print, I realized that I agreed to pay for the theme regardless. I then contacted my bank to drop the contest. I connected with someone at Envato and we came to an agreement that I would “re-pay” for the theme that I didn’t want using PayPal so that my account would be unlocked. I paid Envato for the theme that I didn’t want using PayPal and it’s now going on week 3 where my account is still locked.

The executive summary here is that I made Envato whole by paying for what I canceled on my credit card and they still haven’t unlocked my account after 3 weeks of having payment. This is extra frustrating because of the time delay between the US and AUS. I just want to be able to order themes and plugins, and since Envato is a virtual monopoly for some authors products, I’m stuck because I’m locked out.

I might be over simplifying things, but I would think that all someone has to do is flick a switch to activate me right?

Can anyone in the community help out with this?

In this case your friendly support is Envato support. It will not be resolved here. open a ticket wait for answer. Thats the only thing you can do in this case.

I’ve got about 5 tickets open, and they keep telling me that the issue is resolved, and then I try to login and get the same “your account is locked” message. I’m not sure what else I can do. I would create a new account, but then I won’t have access to all of my previously purchased items/updates.

then you must take a screenshot and send them in a reply to them. They will address the same thing and help you out

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