Listen to my epic track. Give your opinion please.

I’m not so much interested in building a composition. Most of all I’m interested in SOUND - mixing, balance, effects, selection of instruments, especially on drums, and etc. What is positive, what is negative? Since there are some difficulties with this. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello. I am not at all good enough for this kind of Epic music, but I take more and more interest in it. I think the problem here is your musical construction. The rest is not bad at all. But it’s the same thing all the time and maybe boring. I think we have to come to a final power, with a calmer start, then variations with short pauses and sudden recoveries. So the composition (structure of your music), would be more enticing! Don’t be afraid to add sfx and reverse cymbals, for example… In any case, it looks promising! Good to you, and not to be silly! Check out the portfolios of the big names in this field, and examine their structure curves for your composition…

Good luck and good journey! :wink:

hello Valentine,

I agree with @J-FG that the composition is a bit boring because it’s the same thing repeating and believe me when I tell you that a good arrangement will help a lot with better mixing because at some parts you will have less elements than the others and that will make your composition dynamic and has some movement if you know what I mean.

I would also make pauses, build ups and create anticipation and add new elements to make your track sound always fresh.
Your 2nd version is better than the first one imo, I would layer some brass and later maybe a choir to fill the wall of sound and let your track sound ‘rich’ and ‘big’ like standard cinematic tracks.

Your drums sound very good, I would add maybe smaller percussion when the track goes into a bigger climax. Also the strings sound a little bit in the back because of the reverb. That works when you’re having something else in the foreground, like a solo french horn or something. If not then I would try to make them more drier and add some saturation to bring them up.

The mix in general is balanced, just think what is your main element and how to make your track stand out more. I also listen a lot to epic music on Youtube, watch tutorials from Dirk Ehlert, Joël Dollié or
Alex Pfeffer. But at the end of the day ‘Practice makes perfect’ You are really far ahead, just a little bit is left and you will have a super amazing composition :wink:

All the best!