Hi , the theme is not new, but I need help on the track (reject)

Hi. Help to understand, what is wrong with the track. despite possible similarities, I swear intentional plagiarism is not practiced. And sorry for my English))


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Hey evzmeniy!

It’s got a lot of nice elements, but I feel like it needs a lot more polish in terms of the mix and treatment of the instruments. It’s too quiet and a bit muddy, and some of the instruments could benefit from some extra reverb/more volume automation.

I do think you have some good ideas though, and if you fix the mix/master I think it would sound awesome.


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Hi there! Yep got to agree with SethKL, melody is really nice, but you definitely need to spend some time to mix it right. There is plenty youtube videos on how to mix orchestral music, how to make string or other orchestral instruments to sound realistic, etc. that can help you.
Mix in need of appropriate eq, if you apply it in a correct way, you will get rid of mud.
Marimba (it is right?) after 1:20 really sound out of mix, you need to add some effects as SethKL said.
And yes, more automation.
Anyway keep it up mate, good luck! :wink:

UPD: i forget to say that you can cut it in 1/3 of the original.

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