Epic tracks rejected..Give me advice, please.

Hi AudioJungle Authors,
I got several rejections on epic/cinematic category.
I posted 2 of them here.
I completely lost my objectivity on my work now.
Could you give me critic advice?

Thanks for advance.

  1. You should alternate the party tunes, and not just add them - it turns out “dirt”. there is no “dynamics” work “automation” and “velocity”. The tools can be set wider on the “panorama”. they are too close to each other.

  2. The instruments sound “dirty” bad “EQ”. not seen the mood “idea” is just a set of chords.

No need to make a lot of instruments playing simultaneously.
Good luck.

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Thanks Evgen, helps me a lot.
・get rid of dirt by EQ
・make dynamics more.

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I changed 2nd track, since I posted wrong song, in any case it was not so good. But if someone was about to write advice already, I’m really sorry.

I think you should work on developing stronger melodic themes. Combine different instruments for the melody lines and change them up more, you could also add more counter melodies and it would make the music more interesting and less repetitive. Good luck with your future submissions!

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I couldn’t recognized “repetitive” until your suggestion also EvgenM’s.
Probably Repetitiveness is one of big reason of my rejections.
Thank you so much.

You listened to my track, which - left a comment. There are three melodies, they alternate. listen to tracks by other authors and note the “development in music.”

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I checked your track, I see you mean variety of musical information on your track is the thing I don’t have. Thank you it really helped.

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  • Get rid of the first track’s dominant seventh chord. It doesn’t fit the genre.
  • The percussion seems a bit random and disconnected from the rest.
  • The mid frequencies and the orchestration overal are very muddy.
  • Everything sounds very static because of the lack of dynamics.
  • Try adding melodies instead of just playing sustained notes.
  • Parallel shifting of the chords (second track) doesn’t sound great.
  • In the second track the violin arpeggios and the melody overlap, creating mud.
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Thanks detail advices, these are so objective and tangible so easy to understand and take for me!