Epic Track Rejected

hi everybody!
I would like some help with a feedback or any tip on this track that was rejected, the reason was ‘it isn’t at the quality standard’. I’d appreciate any feedback or comment.
Thanks guys!!


Hi, @TerereMusic!

I liked your track, but there are some points that I think could be improved.

  1. Melody. It Is a little simple, I think it could fit into a corporate track as a background, but as a main melody it may be a little more creative.
  2. Sudden stop at 0:22 . They can take place, but here it is a little too sudden and a little too long. Try using some transition effects and drum brakes before it.
  3. Repeats. After pause at 0:22 the melody repeats itself without any significant changes. Try to change melody, add some more instruments, so melody could develop.
  4. Strings - while listening it by monitors I mentioned that stacatto strings are falling back in the mix. Try to work with pan, gain and EQ to fix this. Also, stacatto strings are almost repeating the main tune, instead of giving some fresh feel. After that It’s important to mention the rhythm and dynamic range of strings. Now they’re over-quantized and have almost the same volume level of each note, that sounds very unnatural. It’s better to record instruments, especially strings with midi keyboard, not with mouse. So they’d sound more natural in dynamic and velocuty range.
  5. Drums. I think there can be more different drums with different sound instead of 1 or 2. Also I’d develop their rhythm, so they won’t sound pretty the same along the track.
  6. Endnig. It is very important. Final piano chord sounds very robotic, I think it has lack of bass and plenty of of middle frequencies - especially at 2-2,5 kHz (maybe It would make sense to use a different sample library)

I hope it helps.
Good luck with your music! :wink:

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Hi @PurrMusicPro…!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and for such a great feedback… I’ve listen back to the track and you are totally right about those issues… I really appreciate your help!

Thanks again and good luck for you too!!


Thank you very much!

I’m glad that it helps)
welcome, if you have any questions :wink:

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